There is no doubt that Brazil is the most important coffee nation on Earth. They say it themselves quite often! It is not only the biggest producer, (about 60 million bags per annum), it is also the second – and maybe now the first – largest consuming country.

Our 2023 trip will take us to Minas Gerais, which means general mines, as this area was originally rich in gold, iron ore and other minerals, and still supports a huge mining industry. Minas Gerais accounts for about 40% of Brazil’s total production, which, if it were a country in its own right would make it the third biggest producer in the world! Not only that but it now produces some of Brazil’s best speciality coffees, and in ever increasing quantities.

So it would seem to be a rosy picture for the coffee farmers of Minas Gerais, but it is not necessarily so. The weather has played some nasty tricks on the Minas Gerais region this season, there has been too much rain and at the wrong times, in some cases leading to multiple flowerings, and subsequently the we are having to manage really difficult harvesting conditions.

All of our trips include visiting large estates, cooperatives and smallholders, as well as seeing wet and dry milling, and also researchers, exporters ethical agencies and other key people in the coffee industry.

You will get to visit famous coffee growing areas as well as those not so well known. You will taste Bourbons, Caturras, Catuais and experience fully washed, natural and honey processing.

You just need to make your way to the rendezvous point at origin, and we, in conjunction with our local host, will look after you for the entire trip, including food, accommodation, in country travel and some cultural sightseeing. And fun!


For further information please contact:

Giovanni Bella tel: +39-3343060400