In 2000, we realised that there was a need, in the Export Industry, to provide specialized services to our clients. While the export promotion and consulting services concept was certainly not new, we felt there was a unique opportunity for us to develop a service which was more comprehensive than what was currently being offered by the promotion and consulting companies.

For the last 40 years we have built and maintained a very good reputation in all areas of the world earned with the experience of our founder-members.

While we enjoy a very strong position in the markets, we do not restrict ourselves to restricted area. We are active in all types of projects and initiatives.

We are perfectly aware that in the world exist thousands of companies providing the same kind of services: consultancy, marketing and promotion.

We do not want to compete with them in general terms: we strongly believe in specialization, we offer strategic services targeted specifically on the Italian market which offers incredible chances to those businesses which will be able to set up an effective presence through our organization.

Our philosophy is quite simple: to provide an effective service to our clients we have to know the markets they want to target. Knowledge means much more than statistics, language and laws: knowledge means presence, connections, and ability to understand expectations, uses, and requirements.
The ultimate, one stop source for all your Import-Export needs.