Giovanni Bella

BELLA GIOVANNI Shipping & Trading Srl is a family group with many years of maritime experience.

The group was set up in 1960 in Augusta, Sicily. That was the time of Augusta growing from its original small condition to its present position as the largest petrolchemical area in Italy. So did our group, which has also grown up to become a big, influent and respectful group in its field of operations.
Today’s group position is mainly due to the ability and hard work of its employees and top executives, who have got connections all over the world. We also moved our main office in RAVENNA. Correspondent in Tbilisi, Baku, Cyprus and Brazil.

Besides being next to the new millennium our company commit itself to innovative performances to be successful in the new era.

BELLA GIOVANNI Shipping &Trading S.R.L., aims to keep the wide experience and tradition of the group, but at the same time wants to take into high account the changes which are being registered both in the shipping and trading and to respond competitively to increased demands of the market. In fact, nowadays customers are more exigent about the services provided and market competition has hardened the performance of our job.
Customers’ expectations and needs have always been at the base of our work but recently much more attention is paid to provide efficient operations and services for the complete satisfaction of our clients.
It is not theory but our organisation is making practical steps towards modernisation of communication means and comprehensive training for its staff. That is important is your trust in our credibility and this statement is offered to you as our promise to meet any of your requirements.

Giovanni Bella

Giovanni BELLA is Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Ravenna, Italy for Emilia Romagna and Marche regions.
Founding member and board of directors of FE.N.CO Federazione Nazionale dei Diplomatici e Consoli Esteri in Italia.