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Amaro Milone

Amaro Milone is an excellent digestive, invigorating, with a strong and decisive taste.

The historical research of aromas and herbs for the creation of his recipe, which would bring to light the flavour, tradition and strength, took more than 2 years.

The flavour and genuineness of our Amaro is inspired by the myth of MILO from Kroton.

The greatest athlete and warrior of Magna Graecia for his strength and his winning spirit.

Amaro Milone evokes the atmosphere of that part of ancient Calabria that overlooks the coasts of the Ionian Sea, where the Polis of Kroton stood, famous for the fertility of its vegetation, the beauty of its women and for the healthiness of the whole territory.

Kroton, with its imposing temple and its Sacred Wood: luxuriant, full of officinal herbs, conifers, citrus fruits, aromas and secrets, dedicated to Hera which stood on the Lacinio promontory.

Kroton, MILO's birthplace, where the great philosopher Pythagoras founded the school to spread his knowledge and nourish the mind and the body. In 28 years, from 540 to 512 BC, no one could defeat MILO, he won 33 Olympic games: 7 Olympics, 7 Pythian, 9 Nemee, 10 Isthmian, for 5 times he was Periodonico.

MILO, today considered as the father of modern bodybuilding and continuous training.

It is said that for his training he ran lifting a calf and that the latter, day by day, grew into a bull on his shoulders.

MILO was also a peerless warrior. He led Kroton's army into battle dressed as Hercules, in a lion skin, with a club and his head girded with his Olympic crowns, terrifying his enemies.

There are many legends related to his strength. It is said that MILO ended his banquets with a nectar offered as a gift, as a sign of devotion, by the goddess Hera.

With every sip his indomitable spirit drew benefit and refreshment. "Amaro Milone was created to offer you the opportunity to experience an epic moment, savouring the taste of a millenary tradition." There are more than 20 ingredients including citrus fruits, berries, officinal botanicals and roots listed today in the secret recipe of which MILO is the guardian.

In particular: a selection of bitter citrus fruits; liquorice, typical of Calabria; the china; the absinthe, at that time used to aromatize wine; gentian, a medicinal and digestive herb also used to disinfect battle wounds; rhubarb, a powerful anti-inflammatory; the archangelica officinalis or Angelica, used in ancient times as a digestive, invigorating and tonic. "Relive after three millennia the strength and atmosphere of the time of MILO, the strongest athlete and warrior of all time whose feats, superhuman proportions and countless victories have made his memory immortal." Amaro Milone, strong by nature.